What is Elysium & features?

1v1 PvP
Create a formidable squad of up to three creatures and engage in thrilling 1v1 turn-based battles against fellow players.
Breed and Customize creatures
Within the game, you'll have the exciting ability to breed and acquire new creatures. Moreover, you'll have the freedom to customize your creatures' abilities, enabling you to curate the perfect team of your dreams.
Strategize and compete
Engage in ranked matches against formidable opponents to elevate your ranking, unlock various rewards, and vie for top positions on the leaderboards. Select your creatures wisely and devise winning strategies to claim the coveted title of the best.
Play and Earn
As you engage in gameplay, you'll have the opportunity to earn tokens, transforming your enjoyment into a rewarding experience. The better you become in the game, the more tokens you'll accumulate, allowing you to reap greater financial benefits while having a great time.

Creatures and abilities



Oregons, adorable little dragons inhabiting the enchanting realm of Elysium, possess a deceptively cute appearance, concealing their true nature as formidable hunters that unfailingly secure their prey.

With their exceptional attacking and fire-breathing capabilities, Oregons excel as primary combatants, earning their reputation as creatures of the fighter archetype.

how cards work

Ability cards serve as the means to activate creature abilities during battles.

Each creature possesses four ability card slots, with the first card dedicated to their basic attack.

The remaining three cards are randomly selected from the pool of available abilities for each creature.

Should you find yourself dissatisfied with a particular ability card assigned to your creature, fret not, as you'll have the option to shuffle the card, exchanging it for a new ability chosen at random.

How to Buy, Mint, or Breed

Join our Discord and follow our social media pages to stay updated on the minting process, including details on how and when it will take place.

By being among the first to join, you'll have the opportunity to be among the initial group of people able to mint your own creature.

Once the minting phase is complete, the exclusive marketplace will be the sole avenue for acquiring additional creatures.

For a comprehensive understanding of creatures, breeding mechanics, and other essential details, simply click the button below to access our informative documents.

Feb 2023

Starting the development

June 2023

Testing Gameplay elements

July 2023

WEB3 elements integrated

August 2023

Minting of Creatures and Beta version Launch

September 2023

Working on Game improvement and new features

March 2024

Version 1 release